Saturday, August 17, 2013

Just a quickie update from the world's least regular blogger!

Well, last time I remember writing, I had just started the Stronglifts program.  I've been following this pretty regularly (and my blog is a good example of how consistent I can be when I really put my mind to it... really, it is!).  So, I'll give a bit of an update about this and whatever else pops into my head.  And I have a photo montage to upload, which is probably the main reason I've popped back here!

The lifts I do with Stronglifts are squats, overhead press (OHP), deadlifts (DL), benchpress (BP) and row (which is actually a pendlay row, and not easy!).  My progression (or not) for these are as follows:

Squats - each session I do 5 sets of 5 reps. 
Starting weight - 20kg (the olympic bar).  Current weight - body weight

So, what happened was this.  I built up to 32.5kg, but I noticed that my form was shit, so I deloaded back to 25kg.  And it was still shit.  So, I showed my Crossfit Personal Trainer, and she noticed how I was losing control of the squat before I got anywhere near parallel, so I've dropped right back to work on building up the muscle and neuro connections to get it right.  So I got stronger and then crapped it!  But I don't give up, I will beat the squat!  Here's my dodgy squat, before it got dodgier!

OHP - again, it's 5 sets of 5 reps
Starting weight - I couldn't lift the olympic bar to start off with!  So I started with a weighted bar of 17kg.
Current weight - 20kg, ie the bar!  Yay...

It's really hard! You wouldn't think it would be so hard to get a bar over your head, but it sure is!  I think it's because I'm just a wuss in the rest of my life - desk job, don't lift things much at all... Anyways, there's been progression.

DL - 1 x 5 (1 set of 5) for these
Starting weight - 30kg (I had to balance the weights on top of a couple of other weights to get it high enough off the ground to be in the right spot!
Current weight - 60kg.  Oh yeah, I feel so badass about that!  I'm hoping to be able to lift the equivalent of my bodyweight by the end of August.... I'll let you know how I go with that one!

BP - 5x5
Starting weight - 20kg (ie the bar) I could lift it in this move, just not the OHP
Current weight - 30kg for 1x5, then 1x3.  Then I had to deload to 27.5kg... I'll just keep trying to build up to manage the 30kg for the whole session.

Row - 5x5
Starting weight - 25kg.  Again, with the weights sitting up higher.  This time, I used the legs of a step (from step-aerobics)!
Current weight - 35kg.  I've had good progression with this one.  And the DLs.  They've both steadily increased without problem.  So far!  And here's a video of me doing these - cool, huh! 

Anyways, I started this program on 18th June, but I had visited the gym for a few weeks before I was brave enough to start the program.  I did some program that they gym dude put together for me a few times, but I was really aiming to do Stronglifts.  I suppose the first couple of weeks was getting over my fear of the gym.  And it worked!  I know to go early and I'll have the place pretty much to myself.  And that makes me happy.  No waiting for the squat rack or bench :)  Not that I'm a bad sharer or anything.... LOL.

So, here's my update pic, showing some progression in my physicality.  I can't see alot of change, but there's a little bit.  Some change in the back, under the bikini top line, and a bit in the belly.  Strangely, I've put on 2 kilos in this time (grrrr), which can't all be muscle.  I think I can see this in my thighs?  What do you reckon? 

Other stuff in my life... Well, we went to Darwin.  It was pretty fun.  And we had lots of yummy food and saw awesome things and rode the bike and had a flat and waited 4 FUCKING HOURS to be picked up by the bike hire peeps, made friends with Blahblah the black cockatoo, and other cool things like this:

We spent an evening in Canberra at the Hyatt as a special treat.  I took my OH to see Bernard Fanning, and we had to indulge in High Tea since we were in such a posh place:

And finally, I bought a really really cool hat:

That's it from me.  I hope to catch up with you sometime soon.  I'll keep you up to date with my progressions, particularly those evil squats!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Stronglifts and me

Wow, it's been a very long time since I posted here. So much has happened, so much blubber has been lost, so many km run, ridden, flown, driven, kayaked and walked over.  I'm not even going to bother updating on all the details.  If anybody reads this and is interested, you can find out the gory details on my weight watchers blog - A Noodle Do and a Noodle Don't. I moved over there for blogging because it guaranteed me some readers! But now I don't care about that, I'm not following the WW system and it's time to keep track of my new focus and new adventures.

I've been interested in weight training for ages, but kinda been too chicken to get started on it. I have eased myself into it, I suppose, as I've been receiving Personal Training over the last couple of years from trainers who follow the Crossfit philosophy.  First trainer worked from her garage and it was not so scary. She wasn't gung-ho about Crossfit, just used weights and that style of exercise.  Then she moved town and I was all alone again.  So I faced my fear of gyms and checked out he new Crossfit gym nearby. As I was nervously talking to the owner, I said "I think I know you", and it turns out I used to teach her! Yay! Not so scary.  And I've since out (from experience) that she's a better fitness trainer than she was a Child Studies student! Double yay!!

So, my strength and fitness has been improving from these weekly sessions of Crossfit Personal Training and now I'm ready for the next step.  It might make sense to start doing the Crossfit WODs (workout of the day) but I just like my gym focus to be all about me. The competitive nature of Crossfit freaks me out, and I am not ready for this yet, so I've been researching and googling and came across the Stronglifts 5x5 method of training. The writing style of the guy who promotes it shits me to tears - he's such a Neanderthal - but the program just makes sense.  And I found a group on My Fitness Pal that supports each other in developing strength from this program...  So 4 weeks ago, I started it.  Of course, being me, I can't follow it exactly.  It's supposed to be 3 days a week, but I only have 2 days I can do it - there's no way I'm giving up my PT, she flogs my arse and it's fun ;).  So I do SL (Stronglifts) 2 mornings a week before work.  Oh, and I have already had 2 weeks off as I'm just back from a holiday on Darwin.  I might post some pics of it another day, if I remember that I've come back to this blog!

I took some pics of me before I started at the new gym.  It's just a daggy small, local gym, with old equipment and mostly used by class attenders.  At the time of the morning I go, there are 3 people, so no meat-heads to intimidate me.  And nobody to spot for me, but at this stage, there's no issues there! I aim to lift heavy, but for now, I'm lifting the bar (20kg) and a smattering of weights, but nothing substantial.  But I will get there...  Anyway, back to the pics.  I've posted them below, and I hope to keep track of any developments or change in my strength and body composition by taking bi-monthly photos.  I hope I can see change.  I really want to retrain myself away from focusing on my weight on the scale (which can be so negative and fluctuates heaps depending on the weather, time of the month, water retention, how much food I've been eating- haha- and stuff) to how much I can lift.  And hey, I'm 47, I want to make sure my bone density is nice and thick to keep me upright for another 40 or 50 years.  Or until the zombie apocalypse when I'm sure to be infected early on.  I know I'll trip over or walk bang into the open choppers of a passing zom.  It's just how I roll!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Something nice on a Sunday afternoon!!!

OK here goes!!

After much hinting and begging ( insert tantrums here if you feel the necessity ). Zanyzana decided that she could indeed do something nice for me. Show me the love so to speak. So she announced with much fanfare that she was taking me to lunch at a lovely little restaurant called "The River" in the town near to us but.........

But only if we could ride the bicycles there (a 34km round trip mind you). That way we could have yummy food for lunch and she could work off a few weight watcher points as well. Win win situation.....apparently.

Well after getting over the shock of her doing something really nice for me I agreed to her terms quite quickly. I was thinking to make sure she didn't change her mind. Not for one second did I think of the fault in her plan.....the return trip after gorging ourselves on beautiful food and wine.

So off we went. The trip there was uneventful besides me doing my usual chant in my head - ' This is not a race, this is not a race, we are meant to be having fun not killing ourselves trying to get somewhere fast, this is not a race, it's a fun ride'.

Which by the way, was explained to me early on on one of our joint bike riding trips. To be fair I was noticing that her fitness level had increased dramatically lately and if I wasn't careful she is now going to leave me in her dust.

Upon arriving at our destination, congratulating ourselves on a new improved time we went to the restaurant. Seated in a lovely sunny spot enjoying the view and the food AND wine, for a few hours. Life was good, really good!!! So with a very merry smile (thank you Mr Alcohol) I do remember saying before we left the restaurant that maybe we should walk for a little while first. To which Zanyzana agreed was probably a good idea.

But with all best laid plans when we got ourselves organised and ready to go she jumped straight on the bike and with a drunken wobble pedalled away. So I followed suit not thinking. About 10 minutes into the trip I realised my mistake. Pulling over at a public toilet I was not in good shape to say the least. When she came back to check on me, asking if I was OK, I replied that I wasn't sure if I needed to wee or spew. She suggested both. I went to the toilet and managed to tough it out and only do the former. With quite an effort mind you. Checking that I was OK she told me that I probably should have done both. Leading to her managing to just walk off have a little chuck for herself.

So picture me if you would. Wobbly booted, feeling under the weather already, having only just managed to avoid being sick. I hear and unfortunately smell the vomit. My day was going to get worse much much worse.

She decides to be a bit of a Nazi and commands I get back on the bike. I lasted another 10 minutes before off to the side of the road I went. Fine food doesn't taste any better coming back up than dodgy pizza or kebabs on a youthful drunken adventure. I'm sweating, shaking and my stomach is doing flip flops but I somehow return to the bike and wobble off in search of Annette whom had decided that this exact moment was great for a step up in her fitness level. She was miles ahead and going great guns. By the time she realised I was a lost soldier she was way way ahead. Like a good partner she doubled back to check on me. At this stage I had managed to pull over yet again for another little chuck and was laying on the grass on the side of the road in a world of pain.

Unsure what to do now she looked on at my predicament. I told to keep going and that I would catch up and if I didn't make it home by dark to send help then. We got back on the bikes and pedalled off. With poor Annette looping back every 5 minutes or so to check on me and let me catch up. We finally made it home in time for me to lay on the lounge quietly dying for a few hours.

What I didn't say to her. What I thought about later was the difference I saw that day in her, in her attitude, her fitness and where her head is at now days. Thanks to weight watchers and the people on there who support each other. Her fitness has increased amazingly from someone who would blob on the lounge for her entire weekend (and give me a horrified look when I suggested there was more to life than television). Her attitude now is one of can do, not can't do. She is loving trying new adventures. Toddling off with great enthusiasm to try. Yep try. Gone is the woman who grizzled her way through life. Her confidence is amazing me. She is looking, and I think, feeling like a million dollars.

She didn't even seem to notice the ride home for her was doubled as she kept coming back to check on me.

So what did I learn on my Sunday bike ride this week?
- My partner is now fit and healthy - Woo Hoo!!!
- My partner is now fitter than me - I need to suck it up and get over that one
- My partner is now enjoying life a million times more than she used to - That's called living life to the fullest I believe!!!
- That she doesn't realise how far she has come with it all - fitness, weight loss and happiness.
- If your going to have dessert don't drink the wine or visa versa (that was my big mistake)

Do I mind these things? Heck no!! I'm so so happy to see her living life out from underneath the dark gloom that is the vortex of being overweight, unfit, unhappy and the depressive mental state that these things seem to put you into. It was worth the pain I felt that day just for me to realise just how far she has come.

Love you big time Babycakes x x

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Handing over of the torch

Well it was bound to happen really..
I have been drafted into the business of blogging. Zanyzana has become too busy to do the upkeep.
So having given her the warning that not all my updates are going to be complementary I otherwise noted as the OH now have taken over this blog.
Tall tales are bound to be discussed and dissected along the way.
More to come........

Monday, March 14, 2011

Woollies obsession!

I just glanced (quickly) through my blog, and my goodness, there are lots of references to Woollies. EVERYTHING seems to happen there! I'll have to expand my expeditions! Anyway, gotta go to Zumba, so this is a real quick entry.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rollin' rollin' rollin'

My OH and I hit the road yesterday. On our awesome cruiser bicycles. We road 34 kilometres in just over 2 hours. We went to the town where I work, so now I know that I can get there, if my car was ever to break down! (Not something I would like to happen, I would like to add!)

The trip was pretty good. I don't usually like listening to music as I ride, I like to listen to the birds, the wind, the beach, whatever else is happening around me, but I'm so glad I plugged my ipod into my ears before we left on this trip. It was long, parts of the actual ride were quite boring and if I didn't have the music playing, I think I would have complained a LOT more from bum-soreness! And I usually get A++ in whinging!

Anyway, the road was flat (thankfully), quite narrow (scarily) and parts were very scenic as we rode along the river. I guess the trees were pretty too, but that part just went on and on! Fortunately there weren't too many cars out, and on the whole they gave us a wide berth as they passed by.

There is a Woollies in the town we went to, and I HAD to fill my basket with "fresh produce". Otherwise, what's the point of buying the basket? Anyway, it survived the return trip, and the asparagus made a yummy dinner/snack tonight. Next time we do this trip, though, we'll give ourselves enough time to do something other than wander around Woollies when we get there... like buy some lunch... drink a beer... something lovely like that!

And for those who think WW... I made up 12PP on this ride. Cool. Makes up for the reverse cheesecake the OH made the night before (and the normal way up cheesecake we had today!)

I'm turning into someone I've not met for a LONG time... the me who likes to move and burn up energy. I like that me!

(O, I've now lost 8.8kilos and weighed 84 kilos last Wednesday. Feeling good!)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Aaaaaaaaaaaaagggh I'm shrinking!

And I think I like it!!

Yep, I tried on a pair of normal (not plus sized) size 16 black pants that have never been worn (I was going to fit into them about 6 years ago!) and they so very nearly fit. Like, if they were the only pants left in the wardrobe, I could wear them. Really, I could. That is like awesome. I'm on the cusp on non-plus-sized clothing shopping.

Now, when should this shopping spree begin? We're going up to Canberra this weekend, so I guess some of it could happen there. But I'm not sure I can ask the OH to put up with too much shopping. We're up there to chillout and relax as the OH hasn't left the area for 3 months. She's got cabin fever.

Anyway, I'm going to be talked into buying some very expensive sports shoes at Athletes Foot when we're up there. I only have very dodgy joggers (that squish my poor tootsies) and some not very supportive other sneaker things for zumba. And you know Zumba Queen must have the best of footwear. Especially when there is a gizmo to stand on and show how my feet are coping with the weight they carry. Oh well, that's why we work - to buy stuff... Isn't it?

Oh yeah, my OH took a really hot photo of me on my iPhone the other day, wearing this groovy funky colourful top I bought at Crossroads. I have to make the most of it, because you know how long Crossroads clothes last for (well, they always seem to fall apart on me! They are cheap for a reason!!) When I finally sync my phone, I'll put it up on here, with some more up to date on the way photos.

Enough rambling now. Will try (cross my heart) to be a better blogger. Now I've worked out how to add the address to my WW commenting thingo, I might get more readers. And thanks to the 4 who are my fans... I love youse to death! xxx